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Sa Jana Holidays

It offers peace, tranquility, immersion in nature, healthy and genuine food, crystal clear sea. Ideal for getting away from the stress of the city


Sa Jana Holidays was born in 2018 as a dream, an idea to promote a piece of Sardinia that is still scarcely built and anthropized, where the nature is the true ruler of the landscapes. Since the beginning of the building site the world is gone mad thanks to a global pandemic, a war, insane price raisings and, last but not least, a naval strike that left us isolated for a few days. And if you think about it, well… It would have been easy to give up, but clearly it wasn’t an option for us. And in 2022 we are finally ready to open the gates of the Sa Jana to our guests.


The facility is 1 km and 985 m away from the beach of Museddu. The nearest village is Cardedu, 5 km from us. And 2 km from the Sa Jana there’s Mountain Ferru, with paths in the woods and one of the highest observations point of the area.


The Sa Jana Holidays offers to its guests large rooms, fully equipped for all kinds of holiday. Our double rooms are designed to be the most comfortable.




The facility is 1 km and 985 m away from the beach of Museddu. This is a 2 km long strip of white medium-fine grain sand. The water is crystal clear, and the water is 3 m deep just a few meters from the shore. Free and abundant lots and a large shore allow you to wake up late never worrying about the parking or the limited space in the beach. Distance: 2,4km


Wild and charming, isolated but welcoming, between jagged rocks and the mountains, you’ll find this natural wonder. Her sand is white and extra fine, nestled in a small gulf surrounded by red porphyry. It’s a place like none in the world. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the nature. Distance: 5,6km

I discovered this establishment quite by accident. I spent 7 days of pure relaxation in a wonderful place! Thank you very much for the hospitality!
Sabrina C.
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