Camper leisure park

Camper leisure park

We designed our camper park following the same concept of the rooms, but for guests that prefer adventure and independence. As for the other part of the agritourism, children under 18 years old, aren’t allowed.



Each guest will be provided with a remote control to be able to enter and exit the facility freely

The sustainability involves the farmhouse supply chain from its very beginning: concerning the food, we utilise meats bred respecting the animal welfare and vegetables grown without intensive techniques; if it’s possible we buy Sardinian manufacturing; and safeguarding our co-workers by regular contracts.
With those little tips (that are not so little), we help to grant the future of all the people cooperating with us to keep alive this little piece of paradise we live in.

Our farmhouse mainly grows olives, mushrooms, vegetables and some fruits. Everything is scaled so our production can satisfy the needs of our kitchen. This way our food is not devalued because of the market price. Most importantly, it allows us to work without pesticides and chemical fertilizer, that may compromise health and quality of our products.