About us




We are Daniela and Giovanni, the owners of the Sa Jana. We live together since 2014, and from that year we’re working to make our dreams come true. How was that possible? Maybe it has always been within us, but it’s not long that we found the courage to jump into this project. But let’s take it easy, as we like it.


Giovanni is 100% Sardinian, he was born here and he always lived in Cardedu. When he finished his high school studies he left the island and went to Parma, where he lived for 6 years. In the meantime, he met Daniela and got a degree in foreign languages. Actually, he speaks English, French and Russian (in addition to Italian and Sardinian), and now he’s learning German. Besides the languages he studied a little bit of everything, he’s the kind of person that doesn’t sleep to keep reading historical or scientific articles on Wikipedia. Giovanni is the soul of the business thanks to his curious and dreaming spirit. He gets easily excited and every day comes out with new ideas (sometimes they’re impossible, we must admit it) to give the best to his guests. Until 2017 he wasn’t even thinking about to get back in Sardinia. But, when the opportunity presented itself, he was quick to take it. And it’s also thanks to his family, and their effort to make all this happen, that now he can claim to have a real business in line with his values. Which are his values? The pleasure of sharing and personal fulfilment. How can two things that usually are considered so different, get along? Well, it’s because of Daniela…

Daniela is from Brescia. Since she was a child, she has always dreamed to be the owner of an “inn”. A place in the countryside, away from the city and its stress, where she could accommodate anyone and make him live a little dream away from the frenzy of the modern world. Growing up she decided to study and train to become a psychologist, an honest work, but she never forgot her dream. From the moment she met Giovanni her life changed: they had the idea to build a farm stay and, all of a sudden, she left 7 years of sacrifices (both financial and of life), took paper and pen and began to draw and design her new future in Sardinia. Daniela is the engine of the business, she gets excited easily too and, when she makes a decision, she never stops until she’s done. So, the Sa Jana is the realization of her dreams and of her principles: be independent and take care of his guests. 


Daniela and Giovanni share the same goal for slightly different reasons. Personal fulfilment and independence get along easily; and they both believe that the only way for a sustainable development is to base a business on a territory rich of history, culture, natural beauties and good food. Giovanni’s pleasure to share a slow life goes with Daniela’s caring, creating attention to details and comforts, hospitality, kindness and professionalism. Thus, each guest can feel like home and find again happiness and peace, while enjoying the relax and moments of careless conviviality.

Un soggiorno magnifico e persone fantastiche! Lo consiglio a chiunque